About Us

We love Christmas and we love playing a small part in the Christmas plans of our customers.  While most of us, you know Christmas is coming the first time you hear Wizzard's song 'I wish it could be Christmas everyday'.  For us, it really is Christmas everyday.  We spend the whole year getting ready for the Christmas season - sourcing products that we know our customers will love.  

Some of my happiest memories are from Christmas and as you reflect on these childhood memories you realise it's not just the presents that matter.  There is a sense of occasion and excitement that builds up in the months leading up to Christmas.  

As you head through life, your relationship to Christmas evolves.  Each stage brings it's own joy and wonder.  From experiencing it first as a child to later enjoying it with your own children, friends and family.

One of the wonderful things about Christmas is that it means different things to different people - and that's perfectly alright.  

Whether you hark back the Christmas of your childhood or are trying to create your own version of Christmas  - we'd love to help you have the Christmas you want.  Need any help?  Just let us know.